mold inspection

D.O.N.E. Restoration, Inc. in Atlanta is licensed with the IICRC and insured to handle your mold inspection needs.We will take your call and work hard to get your family back to their normal routine or your employees back to work. Our professional inspectors are fully trained, so call us before you find a mold problem.(770) 574-6059.

Molds or any other types of fungi are living micro-organisms that reproduce and spread rapidly in damp enclosed places. There are DIY “kits” available on the internet and at retail outlets although, given the hazards of toxic molds, most experts do not recommend that untrained property-owners attempt an inspection or remediation of their own property.

If you wait until stains appear on the surface of your drywall before calling for help that means it has probably already spread extensively. If mold appears in a business, the owner should check with their municipality for specific health codes. Having a regularly scheduled inspection in your residence or, especially, a business is advisable to avoid exposing occupants to an unhealthful environment.

Mold inspections need a trained expert. A wrong step in the procedures can lead to serious health issues. So, if you live or do business in Atlanta or surrounding areas, call (770) 574-6059 for our mold inspection services and make an appointment.

The inspection and testing procedures

Having your residence or business regularly inspected for mold or other biohazards is smart maintenance. The inspector is a vital part of the remediation process from the time a mold colony is discovered until the final certification is given showing a successful elimination:

  • Taking environmental measurements – First, to determine if conditions are favorable to mold growth on your premises,the inspector measures the humidity, temperature, and moisture levels.
  • Collect samples – The inspector collects samples from a mold colony and tests them for verification according to safety guidelines.
  • Assessment report – The inspector drafts a mold assessment report, identifying the type, its root cause, and toxicity levels in a structure.
  • Remediation plan – The inspector can work with the remediation team in drafting a plan of action to eliminate the mold.
  • Observe a remediation project – The inspector ensures the remediation team is following procedures for their own safety and that of the structure’s occupants. When the project is complete, he/she can make sure an air quality test is taken to confirm toxicity levels are safe.
  • Certify the outcome – Once the environment of a structure has been returned to a healthful quality, the inspector can fill out the appropriate certification forms, stating that the home or place of business is safe for occupancy.

Post-remediation verification:

After the remediation procedures are completed,a post-remediation verification (PRV) air test should be conducted to ensure a safe and healthful environment. What is considered a safe level? Generally, the test should indicate that mold levels inside the premises are approximately equal to the outside air. Testing is highly advisable for a business as it may protect the owner from litigious actions later.

Call D.O.N.E. Restorations anytime at (770) 574-6059. Our certified inspection technicians have years of experience across a full range of mold inspection, testing, and remediation in our service area.


Mold Inspection Pricing

Area: Outside / Inside $300 (includes 2 sampling areas)

Additional Area: (each $75) (select all that apply)